Is Arizona Prepared? (Preserve & Protect)

Is Arizona ready for an infectious disease outbreak? A recent report suggests our state may not be. The Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) report found that Arizona is one of 28 states that scored a five or lower out of 10 key indicators related to preventing, detecting, diagnosing and responding to infectious disease outbreaks. Our state scored points for: Public … Continue reading Is Arizona Prepared? (Preserve & Protect)

Mental Health First Aid (Preserve & Protect)

Mental health first aid should be as common as CPR. That is the premise behind a new campaign just launched by the National Council for Behavioral Health to train one million Americans through an eight-hour course designed to help people recognize when someone is suffering from a mental health disorder and to encourage intervention. From the Washington Post: If someone suddenly collapsed and appeared to be … Continue reading Mental Health First Aid (Preserve & Protect)

Big Jump In ACA Signups (Preserve & Protect)

8.2 million people signed up for health insurance through the website this year. That is up almost two million people from a year ago. From the Wall Street Journal: Some 71% of the site’s enrollees—around 5.8 million—had coverage renewed, and 29%—or about 2.4 million—had been first-time buyers, Health & Human Services said. The Obama administration has set a modest goal for this enrollment season, hoping to … Continue reading Big Jump In ACA Signups (Preserve & Protect)

The Price Ain’t Right? (Preserve & Protect)

“The Price Ain’t Right?” That’s the title of a new study that suggests places that spend less on Medicare do not necessarily spend less on health care overall. In fact, according to the New York Times, President Obama used Grand Junction, Colorado as a model community for spending less on Medicare without affecting people’s health.  However, the new study claims Grand Junction is one of … Continue reading The Price Ain’t Right? (Preserve & Protect)

Zip Code = Life Expectancy (Preserve & Protect)

Do you want to know how long you might live? According to a recent study released by Virginia Commonwealth University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, your zip code may hold the key! Researchers created the map below after analyzing data in 36 Phoenix area zip codes. As you can see, the life expectancy can differ greatly depending on where you live. From the St. … Continue reading Zip Code = Life Expectancy (Preserve & Protect)

He Said What??! (Preserve & Protect)

Martin Shkreli says he regrets raising the price of a life saving pill from $13.50 to $750. Here’s the twist, he now says what he is really sorry about… that he didn’t raise the price even higher! From Forbes Magazine: If anything, the provocative pharmaceutical CEO — who became “the most hated man in America” earlier this year — thinks he didn’t go far enough … Continue reading He Said What??! (Preserve & Protect)

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Preserve & Protect)

The question Elvis posed so many years ago is at the heart of a recent study that suggests loneliness doesn’t just make you sad – it can take years off your life. From Yahoo News: The dangers of social isolation have long been known but its effects on the body have not been well understood, the researchers said in the work published in the Proceedings of … Continue reading Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Preserve & Protect)