Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Below is a blog focused on Alzheimer’s disease and is guest written by AzHHA Vice President of Care Improvement, Sandy Severson. She gives us facts and tools for facilitating a conversation that many of us would steer clear from during the holidays. An estimated 5.7 million people in the US have Alzheimer’s disease and while many of us have heard Alzheimer’s incidence is on the … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

National Family Caregivers Month

Today’s blog comes to us from AzHHA’s Vice President of Care Improvement, Sandy Severson. Her focus is on National Family Caregivers Month as we head into the holiday season. She shares some of her insights about health and accessing healthcare and provides helpful resources. After reading the blog, share your experience with caregiving and resources you have found to be most helpful.   November is National … Continue reading National Family Caregivers Month

Smoking: Quitting Your Way to Success

Today’s guest blog comes to us from Dr. Pamela Thompson about today’s National Smokeout Day. Dr. Thompson has worked as a Family Physician since 2005 in both rural areas and urban centers. Since she began practicing medicine, Dr. Thompson has taken an interest in providing care to underserved populations and has been an active member of organizations and committees that were solution-focused with the community … Continue reading Smoking: Quitting Your Way to Success

Healthcare Top Vote Getter but the Impact Remains Unclear

The mid-terms are over. While votes are still being counted and some tight races may not be decided for days or weeks, one thing is clear: healthcare was the number one issue.  However, it remains unclear what that will mean. Here are five knowns and unknowns. Known: Repeal and replace is dead For nearly a year, Democratic candidates across the country focused on one message: … Continue reading Healthcare Top Vote Getter but the Impact Remains Unclear

5 Myths About Diabetes

Today’s blog comes from Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, a 44-bed, free-standing rehabilitation hospital that provides physical rehabilitation services to patients recovering from disabilities caused by injuries, illnesses, or chronic medical conditions. Below they share myths about diabetes, one of the most common chronic conditions in Arizona, during November’s National Diabetes Awareness Month. After reading the blog, leave a comment about your experience with diabetes. … Continue reading 5 Myths About Diabetes

#TBT … Porn and Your Health!

For today’s Throwback Thursday we are highlighting one of our most popular blogs … “Porn and Your Health.” Give it a read and then leave a comment about what other healthcare topics you’d like to hear about as we move the needle on making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation. When you hear “public health hazard,” what typically comes to mind? Communicable diseases? Safe drinking water? … Continue reading #TBT … Porn and Your Health!

Language Matters

The following blog comes from Vicki Buchda, Director, Care Improvement. Here she shares her thoughts about opioids and the language used through a nurse’s lens. Much has been published today about the opioid crisis. Our Arizona Department of Health website has up-to-date statistics such as lives lost, naloxone administered and infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome. As a nurse, I ask myself what I can do … Continue reading Language Matters