Taking the Lead on How the Public and Physicians View Death and Dying

In the spirit of National Doctors Day on Saturday, March 30th, we are sharing this guest blog from our friends at the Arizona Medical Association regarding how Arizonans are experiencing end-of-life care experience. Good end-of-life care is based on the understanding that death is inevitable, and a natural part of life. As the final stage in a person’s life, it is a uniquely important time … Continue reading Taking the Lead on How the Public and Physicians View Death and Dying

Will Arizona Be the Only State to Freeze KidsCare – Again?

By: Siman Qaasim, Director of Health Policy, Children’s Action Alliance KidsCare is Arizona’s version of the national Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP was created with broad bipartisan support in 1997 and allows working families who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid/AHCCCS to purchase high-quality, affordable health coverage for their children up to age eighteen. In Arizona, our KidsCare program mirrors the kid-friendly benefits … Continue reading Will Arizona Be the Only State to Freeze KidsCare – Again?

Short-Term Insurance Plans Q & A

We asked Jim Hammond from The Hertel Report about short-term health insurance plans that aim to provide coverage for more Arizonans at a low price. Are they too good to be true? AzHHA: Governor Doug Ducey just signed a bill regarding short-term insurance plans, so there’s support for this effort. What problem does this bill solve? Jim Hammond: Gov. Ducey’s recent signature on a law … Continue reading Short-Term Insurance Plans Q & A

Virtual Care

WHILE JUST A PROPOSAL AT THIS TIME, THIS IS WHAT WE KNOW: Under the 2019 proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, Medicare (CMS) is now considering payment for virtual care visits (brief technology-based communication). CMS recognizes that care is changing with the times, and the traditional office visit, is changing with technology. Non-face-to-face work, plus changes in communication technology have redefined the patient/provider relationship Proposed, is … Continue reading Virtual Care

Medical Match-maker, make me a Match!

After 4 long years of blood, sweat and (for some) tears, thousands of graduating medical students will be matched with residency programs today, March 15th, Match Day. These assignments, typically starting in July, will further their medical training for the next three to five years, which is as intense as the match process itself. Graduating medical students are put through extensive interviews with potential programs … Continue reading Medical Match-maker, make me a Match!

Science Matters: Evidence—Not Myths—Should Rule Addiction Treatment

Science should be the main element in addiction treatment, yet myths and misinformation continue to run rampant among patients, loved ones, and those who are trying to help. Non-scientific programs and philosophies sometimes help people beat addiction, but science needs to be our guide and should be the most important influence. One of the struggles I have as an addiction psychiatrist is dealing with the … Continue reading Science Matters: Evidence—Not Myths—Should Rule Addiction Treatment

Reducing Maternal Mortality

An Arizona bill aimed at preventing maternal deaths is part of a national discussion focused maternal mortality. Below are insights from  Will Humble, Executive Director of the Arizona Public Health Association and current AzHHA board member. His focus is on leveraging state policy to help reduce maternal mortality. Once you’ve had a chance to read it, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Working together with our partners … Continue reading Reducing Maternal Mortality